Our production crews usually vary from one to six members. It depends on project logistics as a custom crew is built to fit each production’s needs. Every project is lead by owner/operator Chris Nostrand while additional roles are filled by local, skilled, professional freelancers.





Chris Nostrand owns/operates Nostrand Productions LLC, is an award-winning independent filmmaker, and holds part-time faculty positions at both Marist College and SUNY Orange’s film production departments. He earned a Master of Fine Arts in Integrated Media Arts from Hunter College and previously earned undergraduate degrees from SUNY New Paltz and SUNY Ulster.

His films have earned over sixty official selections at venues such as DOC NYC, Woodstock Film Festival, GI Film Festival and NewFilmmakers New York. His twenty award wins include a CINE Golden Eagle, x5 Tellys, x3 Communicators, Director’s Choice at Black Maria Film Festival, Best Documentary/Best Cinematography at CUNY Film Festival and Best Historical Documentary at the International Doc Challenge.


2022 Spotlight Documentary Silver Award “Firefly: The Tay Fisher Story”
2022 SUNY New Paltz 40 Under Forty Award Christopher Nostrand ’11
2021 HUDSY Community Content Fund Winner “Firefly: The Tay Fisher Story” ($5,000)
2020 Communicator SILVER Award “Wine Whoopee with Brandon Anders” (pilot)
2020 Communicator SILVER Award “Tiger Schulmann’s: The Teacher”
2020 Communicator SILVER Award “Tiger Schulmann’s Adult Kickboxing” (Campaign)
2018 Telly BRONZE Award “Destined To Fly”
2016 CUNY Film Festival Best Documentary “Mister Morvillo”
2015 Kingston Film Festival Best Short Documentary “Against The Wind”
2015 CUNY Film Festival Best Cinematography “Against The Wind”
2014 International Doc Challenge Best Historical Documentary “Against The Wind”
2014 CUNY Asian American Film Festival Best Documentary “Silent Exposure”
2014 Telly BRONZE Award “Silent Exposure”
2014 CUNY Public Health Research Symposium Award “Silent Exposure”
2014 Black Maria Film Festival Director’s Choice “Garbage Girl in Daily Consumption”
2013 CINE Golden Eagle Award “Silent Exposure”
2013 Underexposed Film Festival yc Terry Roueche Audience Choice Award “Garbage Girl in Daily Consumption”
2012 The Scholarship and Welfare Fund of the Alumni Association of Hunter College RECIPIENT ($20,000)
2012 Telly SILVER Award “Unnecessary Roughness”
2012 Telly SILVER Award “Spirit”
2011 Telly BRONZE Award “Sprint: Epic Walk Away”
2007 Sawyer Film Festival Best PSA “Alcoholism & Child Abuse”


2023 Catskill INternational Film Festival“FIREFLY: The Tay Fisher Story”
2023 The New York Independent Film Festival “FIREFLY: The Tay Fisher Story”
2023 Upstate New York Film Festival “FIREFLY: The Tay Fisher Story”

2023 Woodstock Museum Film Festival “FIREFLY: The Tay Fisher Story”

2023 YMCA of Kingston and Ulster County “FIREFLY: The Tay Fisher Story”

2023 Jam Camp Basketball “FIREFLY: The Tay Fisher Story”
2023 Athletic Inspiration Film Festival “FIREFLY: The Tay Fisher Story”
2022 SIENA COLLEGE “FIREFLY: The Tay Fisher Story”
2022 DINAMO Festival for Equality in Sports “FIREFLY: The Tay Fisher Story”
2022 miller middle school “FIREFLY: The Tay Fisher Story”
2022 HUDSY TV App Launch Tour “Wine Whoopee with Brandon Anders” (pilot)
2020 CUNY TV “Silent Exposure” (BROADCAST)
2020 CUNY TV “Mister Morvillo” (BROADCAST)
2019 HUDSY TV The Commons “Wine Whoopee with Brandon Anders” (pilot)
2019 New Paltz Film Festival “Wine Whoopee with Brandon Anders” (pilot)
2019 HUDSY TV The Commons “People’s Place”
2019 HUDSY TV The Commons “Against the Wind”
2019 Kentucky Derby Fundraiser “People’s Place”
2017 Hudson Valley Drive-International Film Festival “Destined to Fly”
2017 Hudson Valley International Film Festival Young Woman’s Blues
2016 Rosendale Theatre Artist’s New Work Forum “Destined to Fly”
2016 DOC NYC “Against The Wind”
2016 GI Film Festival “Mister Morvillo”
2016 Redhook Film Festival “Destined to Fly”
2016 Kingston Film Festival “Destined to Fly”
2016 ASK For Film “Destined to Fly”
2015 OLANA Armchair Travel Series “Against the Wind”
2015 The American Public Health Association “Silent Exposure”
2015 Beacon Independent Film Festival “Against The Wind”
2015 CINE Beacon Showcase “Mister Morvillo”
2015 CUNY Film Festival Runner-Up Best Documentary “Against The Wind”
2014 Woodstock Film Festival “Against The Wind”
2014 Netherlands Meets New York “Silent Exposure”
2014 Netherlands Meets New York “Garbage Girl in Daily Consumption”
2014 NewFilmmakers NEW YORK Summer Series “Silent Exposure”
2014 GI Film Festival “Silent Exposure”
2014 Underexposed Film Festival yc “Silent Exposure”
2014 Voiceless Music Video of The Year Nomination “T-Skillz – People Wanna Talk”
2014 The Americas Film FestivaL “Garbage Girl in Daily Consumption”
2014 The Americas Film Festival “Silent Exposure”
2014 Spoke The Hub Union Street Film Series “Silent Exposure”
2013 The Mosaic Film Experience “Garbage Girl in Daily Consumption”
2011 FlickFire Short Festival “Spirit”
2011 SUNYWide Film Festival “SPIRIT”
2010 Nearly Famous Film Festival Runner-Up Best Alternative Film “Girl with Umbrella”


2023 ULSTER COUNTY BOCES GRAPHIc VISUAL ARTS advisory board member
2022 The Broadcast Education Association (BEA) Awards Judge
2022 HUDSY Community Content Fund Selection Committee
2019 People’s Place Fundraiser Video Sponsor
2019 Greater Hudson Valley Young Professionals Summit Video Sponsor
2018 The Hudson Valley Future Summit “The Creators” Moderator
2016 ASK For Film Director
2015-2018 The CINE Golden Eagle Awards Judge