Nostrand Productions


Christopher Nostrand, MFA

Hunter College Master of Fine Arts (MFA): Integrated Media Arts (2016)

SUNY New Paltz Bachelor of Arts (BFA): Radio/TV Production (2011)

SUNY Ulster Associate in Arts (AA): Humanities & Social Sciences (2009)

Christopher Nostrand is a home-grown Hudson Valley resident and filmmaker. It all started at the age of thirteen when Chris often snuck into his Mother’s bedroom to escape with her Panasonic Handy-Cam.  After remembering to also grab a blank tape, making movies with friends soon became a passion, his favorite way to make memories and an unlimited resource for laughs on VCR playback.

Through the parallel roads of higher education and non-stop real-world hustle Chris’ passionate hobby blossomed into a career as a professional filmmaker.  Currently, Chris’ films have screened over thirty times in film festivals around the country while earning over fifteen awards. Once a student at SUNY New Paltz and an intern at the Seven21 Media Center, Chris has come full circle twice (so far).  He typically teaches two classes per semester at SUNY New Paltz’s Digital Media & Journalism Department covering the courses of Field Production, TV Studio Production, Audio Production and Digital Storytelling while his company, Nostrand Productions resides at the Seven21 Media Center.

Nostrand Productions is a professional digital film and video production company.  Headed by Chris himself, Nostrand Productions sources from the Hudson Valley’s most talented freelancers to build a custom crew to fit your specific production logistics. So, continue checking out our work and drop us an email!


2018 The Telly Awards: Bronze “Destined To Fly

2016 CUNY Film Festival: Best Documentary “Mister Morvillo

2015 Kingston Film Festival: Best Short Documentary “Against The Wind

2015 CUNY Film Festival: Best Cinematography “Against The Wind

2015 CUNY Film Festival: Runner-Up Best Documentary “Against The Wind

2014 International Doc Challenge: Best Historical Documentary “Against The Wind

2014 CUNY Asian American Film Festival: Best Documentary “Silent Exposure

2014 The Telly Awards: Bronze “Silent Exposure

2014 CUNY Public Health Research Awards: Symposium Award “Silent Exposure

2014 Black Maria Film + Video Festival: Director’s Choice “Garbage Girl

2013 CINE Golden Eagle Awards: The Golden Eagle Award “Silent Exposure

2013 Underexposed Film Festival yc: Audience Choice Award “Garbage Girl

2012 The Telly Awards: Silver “Unnecessary Roughness

2012 The Telly Awards: Silver “Spirit

2011 The Telly Awards: Bronze “Epic Walk Away

2010 Nearly Famous Film Festival: Runner-Up Best Alternative Film “Girl with Umbrella”

2007 Sawyer Film Festival: Best PSA “Alcoholism & Child Abuse”


2016 Rosendale Theatre Artist’s New Work Forum: Official Selection “Destined To Fly

2016 DOC NYC: Official Selection “Against The Wind

2016 GI Film Festival: Official Selection “Mister Morvillo

2016 Kingston Film Festival: Official Selection “Destined To Fly

2016 ASK For Film: Official Selection “Destined To Fly

2015 The American Public Health Association: Official Selection “Silent Exposure

2015 Beacon Independent Film Festival: Official Selection “Against The Wind

2015 CINE Beacon Showcase: Official Selection “Mister Morvillo

2014 Woodstock Film Festival: Official Selection “Against The Wind

2014 NewFilmmakers Summer Series: Official Selection “Silent Exposure

2014 GI Film Festival: Official Selection “Silent Exposure

2014 Underexposed Film Festival yc: Official Selection “Silent Exposure

2014 Voice Music Awards: Music Video of The Year Nomination “People Wanna Talk

2014 The Americas Film Festival: Official Selection “Garbage Girl” & “Silent Exposure

2014 Spoke The Hub Union Street Film Series: Official Selection “Silent Exposure

2013 The Mosaic Film Experience: Official Selection “Garbage Girl


2012-2016 The Alumni Association of Hunter College – $20,000 Grant Recipient

2011 Lambda Pi Eta, The National Communication Association Honor Society

2011 SUNY New Paltz’s Faculty List for Outstanding Graduating Students


2018 Moderator for “The Creators” Fire Side Chat at the Hudson Valley Future Summit

2016 to Current: Accepts and Supervises SUNY New Paltz DMJ student interns at Nostrand Productions

2015 to Current: Judge at The CINE Golden Eagle Awards