Narrative filmmaking brings together the finest crafts of filmmaking including script writing, set design, wardrobe, directing, acting, cinematography, sound design, editing, among many others to create new worlds.  At Nostrand Productions we build custom crews from the areas best freelancers to do the job.

“Interrogation” (2016)

In this short thriller, Norman is interrogated by his inner demons.

“Garbage Girl in Daily Consumption” (2013)

2014 Black Maria Film + Video Festival Director’s Choice
2014 The Americas Film Festival
2014 Netherlands Meets New York
2013 Mosaic Film Festival
2013 Under Exposed Film Festival yc Audience Choice

An artistic approach to our world’s waste crisis. Instead of disposing of her trash, Garbage Girl wears it externally to give us a glimpse of the excess filth we all individually process every day.

“Only a Game” (2010)

Our hero travels through three classic video game levels to rescue his love from his arch nemesis.