TV Commercials

Since the 1940’s The TV commercial has been and continues to be a cornerstone of video marketing and advertising.  At Nostrand Productions, we specialize in producing your short message with clarity and impact to captivate your specific target audience.  Now-a-days you can choose to broadcast on cable with Spectrum, stream on the Internet with services like Google AdWords and Facebook Ads, or simply self promote through embedding your new video on your website and various social media platforms. The options are just about endless, but at Nostrand Productions we can help you make those decisions based on your personal budget.

Schenectady County Community College “Just Go For It”

Current students discuss what makes SCCC their school of choice.

Giggles “Pillow Talk”

Two bed pillows discover the reason behind their owner’s rekindled love lives.

Doritos “Unnecessary Roughness” (Telly Silver Award Winner)

This choosy babe finds out what she really wants from a man.

Sprint “Epic Walk Away” (Telly Bronze Award Winner)

Secret agent Veronica proudly walks away from an explosion she orchestrated only to be informed she hit the wrong target.