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Tiger Schulmann’s Martial Arts – Kickboxing Campaign(2019)

Mindset Mix – 60

A commercial campaign by Christopher Nostrand
Camera B/Gaffer: Zach Bell
Camera Assistant/Field Sound: Victoria Harrison
Field Sound: Nick Wagner

Mindset Mix – Male 30

Mindset Mix – Female 30

Mindset Mix – Male 18

Mindset Mix – Female 17

Teamwork – 60

Teamwork – Male 30

Teamwork – Female 30

Teamwork – Male 18

Teamwork – Female 17

Mindset Solo – 60

Mindset Solo – Male 30

Mindset Solo – Female 40

Mindset Solo – Male 15

Mindset Solo – Female 15

SCCC “Just Go For It” (2017)

Students tell us what makes SCCC their school of choice.

A commercial by Ryan Rocap
Christopher Nostrand
& Chris Rahm

    GIGGLES “Pillow Talk” (2014)

Two-bed pillows discover the reason behind their owner’s rekindled love lives.

A commercial by Ryan Rocap
& Christopher Nostrand

       DORITOS “Unnecessary Roughness” (2012)

2012 People’s Telly – Silver

This choosy babe discovers what she really wants from a man.

A commercial by Ryan Rocap
& Christopher Nostrand

SPRINT “Epic Walk Away” (2011)

2011 People’s Telly – Bronze

A secret agent epically walks away only to be informed she hit the wrong target.

A commercial by Jason Latorre
Christopher Nostrand
Stephanie Inserra
& Kyle Bennington