Documentary is our wheel-house style across the board. We view docs as non-fiction narratives and use this technique to artfully, authentically and organically build stories from the ground floor up.

“Wine Whoopee with Brandon Anders” (Currently in Post-Production)

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Traveling winemaker Brandon Anders journeys back home to the birthplace of American viticulture, New York’s Hudson Valley. The boutique wine region is flush with both experimentation and creativity as Mr. Wine Whoopee himself visits the regions most notable producers. A mix of wine tasting, history, and adventure Brandon celebrates wine from beginning to end.

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Producer: Brandon Anders
Director/DP/Editor: Christopher Nostrand
Camera B: Zach Bell & Daniela Florez-Nostrand
Camera C: Roselani Goehring, Victoria Harrison & Angelica Rozza
Field Sound: Victoria Harrison, Roselani Goehring & Michael Stropoli

Season 1 Trailer

Episode #1: Benmarl Winery Teaser: Kevin Zraly

Episode #1: Benmarl Winery Teaser: Veraison

“Destined To Fly” (2016)

2018 The Telly Awards: Bronze – Documentary
2016 Rosendale Theatre Artist’s New Work Forum
2016 Kingston Film Festival
2016 ASK For Film Series

“Destined to Fly” is a 41-minute documentary film about Cole Palen, the founder of the Old Rhinebeck Aerodrome. Founded in 1958, Cole’s passion and vision to build, repair and fly antique airplanes transcends multiple generations forging connections through childhood experience, memory, and storytelling. But the community brought together by the romantic era of flight lost their hero after the death of Cole Palen in 1993. More than twenty years later, Cole’s childhood dream is sustained by the now-grown children who were inspired at an early age by Cole’s personal love for vintage aviation.

A film by Christopher Nostrand
Assistant Director: Daniela Florez-Nostrand


Destined To Fly_Poster
Destined To Fly

“Mister Morvillo” (2015)

2015 CUNY Film Festival Best Documentary
2015 GI Film Festival
2014 CINE Beacon

Mister Morvillo shares his story of a spontaneous trip to the state of Florida that lead him to a military plumbing position in the Korean War. By the end of his journey, he is left with a self-discovery he claims is the most important asset in life.

A film by Christopher Nostrand
Assistant Director: Daniela Florez-Nostrand


Mister Morvillo_Poster
Mister Morvillo

“Against The Wind” (2014)

2019 HUDSY: The Commons @ Rosendale Theatre                                                                 2016 DOC NYC
2016 The Armchair Travel Series at OLONA Historic Site
2015 Kingston Film Festival Best Documentary
2015 Beacon Film Festival
2015 CUNY Film Festival Best Documentary Runner-Up
2015 CUNY Film Festival Best Cinematography
2014 International Documentary Challenge Best Historical Documentary
2014 Woodstock Film Festival

A group of weather-hardened ice yachters cling to the traditions of a centuries-old sport on the Hudson River, despite the looming threat of climate change. “Against The Wind” follows a handful of practitioners of the almost forgotten sport as they take advantage of one of the coldest winters the Hudson River Valley has seen in decades. These yachters are intent on taking full advantage of one of the deepest, longest ice sheets on the Hudson in years, knowing they might not see its like again anytime soon.

A film by Rahul Chadha
Tomasz Gubernat
Christopher Nostrand
Teodora Altomare
& Daniela Florez-Nostrand


Against The Wind_Poster
Against The Wind

“Silent Exposure” (2013)

2015 143rd Annual American Public Health of America Meeting
2014 CUNY School of Public Health Research Symposium Award
2014 CUNY Asian American Film Festival Best Documentary
2014 The Telly Awards: Bronze – Non-Broadcast Production
2014 GI Film Festival Official
2014 NewFilmmakers New York Summer Series
2014 Underexposed Film Festival
2014 The Americas Film Festival
2014 PHANYC Public Health Association of NYC: Movie Night
2014 Spoke the Hub Union Street Film Series
2014 Netherlands Meets New York
2014 First Fridays: Short Takes on Health & Justice Film Series
2013 CINE Golden Eagle Award

During the Vietnam War, vast quantities of a herbicidal chemical were sprayed across the battlefield to defoliate the jungles of Vietnam to improve the strategic position of United State troops against the Viet-Cong. This chemical’s code name is known as Agent Orange.

A marine, Alfred Nostrand served during the Vietnam War where, inevitably, he was exposed to Agent Orange. Thirty-five years later, in 2005, Alfred passed away from cancer of the liver.

In 2013, Alfred’s son, Christopher Nostrand, the filmmaker, opens the wound of losing his father in “Silent Exposure,” uncovering the issue of Agent Orange use in the Vietnam War. On his journey, Chris meets with professionals and his own family to unravel new findings and surprises experts with his story.

A film by Christopher Nostrand
Kayoko Nakamura
& Dawn Jacob


Silent Exposure_Poster
Silent Exposure

“Spirit” (2011)

2012 The Telly Awards: People’s Silver
2011 FlickFire Short Festival Finalist
2011 SUNYWide Film Festival Finalist

There are no bounds or challenges the human spirit can’t triumph when its goal is life itself. After the owner of Tuthilltown Spirits, Ralph Erenzo, suffers a life threatening car accident his son, Gable Erenzo, tends to his father’s side and family business.

A film by Christopher Nostrand
Stephanie Inserra
& Kellie Noshfar